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The recent one-time event found some new information and we’ve put it all together. After the event, Fortnite destroyed the agency that many players were expecting to see in Fortnite. With the exception of this, I didn’t see any significant changes to the map.

The storms that surrounded the island represented the biggest change after the event. In case some of you haven’t noticed, the storm is now completely underwater. This may change in season 3, but play another day while we wait for the new season You will. To that end, it’s worth learning some of the new mechanisms.

(1) Storm mechanism
The storm pushes me out naturally.
If you’re too high off the ground, you’ll die.
Swimming is slow but possible in a down state
Can be built underwater

(2) Jonesy was real.
In a reminiscent scene from the one-time event, “Jon Jones,” aka Johnsy, appeared in He’s still shrouded in mystery, but he seems to be a key figure behind Fortnite, no doubt.

(3) The battle between shadows and agency.
Season 2, the last bastion of the battle between Ghost and Shadow, where Midas is meant to push the storm Then it seems that he was content to let The Agency fall into the shadow.

For the remainder of season one, agents will be using heavy snipers, miniguns and other weapons, and the Shadow This will be the base of the Even though it’s only one day away, it will be a great landing spot.

(4) Someone else is in control.

It may be that it has become clear that there is an outside organization controlling Fortnite’s island. No. John Jones, aka Jonesy, is the leader, if not the leader, of this organization. It seems to be one of the members.
Season 3 will hopefully answer some of these questions, but Epic has a few months ahead of it. It will be another six months or so before we find out more about Jon Jones and this mysterious entity. This may be the case.

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