How To Complete Secret Quests -Creative Hub


1.Examine the poster on the hub’s desk and the mission will begin.

  1. Examine the GateA monitor to get the MAP code.
    MAP code: 4807-6308-0603
  1. you can get the number to open GateA at the destination using the MAP code.
    Number: 383.

4. GateB and GateC will be attacked in the same way.
GateB-MAP code: 4195-8908-3770
GateB-Number: 857
GateC-MAP Code: 9687-5931-2618
GateC-Number: 246

5. Go back to the hub and get the number that opens the last door “Bridge”.

6. Initially, the all number are 0000, but it will be displayed while all gates: GateA, GateB, and GateC are open.

The number is “3847”.

When you reach the end of the door, you will reach the goal. Watch the video for more details.

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