How To Find The Golden Mushroom

Golden Mushroom was added in the v13.20 update.
While the normal mushrooms can heal a shield 5 times, the shield can heal “100”.
However, the odds of this happening are 1 in 10,000, so it will be quite difficult to see it on the MAP.

There are two places where mushrooms are growing in the current map, as shown in the above figure. I went to look for them several times, but I couldn’t find them.

But there are creators who have created a world with only golden mushrooms in their creations, so this time we have this Let me introduce you to the island.

Island Code: 0972-8666-3236
Creator: ORANGE

Here you can actually eat it and see that your shield will be restored 100 times.

I didn’t find it on the battlefield this time, but when I do, it will look like the one shown below. If you do find it, brag to your friends as much as you can!

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