How to shoot a charge shotgun

The new season has added a charge shotgun, but are players familiar with it? This weapon, as the name suggests, can be charged and shot to deal high damage. This weapon, as the name suggests, is capable of dealing high damage by charging and shooting.

However, the time it takes to charge in the middle of a firefight, albeit for a few seconds, can have deadly consequences. Not to mention how difficult it is in close combat with a shotgun. In this article, I’m going to show you two ways to fire fast.

[1]A series of button presses

A series of button presses will allow you to fire immediately.

[2] Assign to mouse wheel.

By assigning it to the mouse wheel, the author is able to fire faster. I assign it on the scroll and use it.

Tips on how to use it

The range of fire is very different between the tactical shotgun and the charge shotgun. The tactical shotgun is superior to the charge shotgun because it is able to attack a wider range of targets. You can feel that there is, but by making good use of the architectural walls, you can make yourself available to the charging shotgun. It makes it easier to defend and attack. You can find more details in the video below.

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