Season 3 has begun!

On June 17, 2020, the downtime started at 3:00 p.m. Japan time, and as a PC user, the author’s The download completed quickly in the environment. However, since I couldn’t launch the game for a while and the “server is offline”, the game actually went into It was only about an hour later that we were able to start the game.

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As soon as the game started up, the opening of season 3 and the Battle Pass movie played. Since this season takes place between June and August, the cheerful tunes and the refreshing movie are perfect for the summer seaside. It was.

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In this season, the location in the image below will be called the “Fortiers” and will allow for battle passes, style changes, and map confirmation.

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Other new elements of season 3 will include customizing an umbrella to be used as a glider and finding a punch card.

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Now it’s time to actually play the game and scout out the new elements!

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